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In this DVD Nick shares his experience gained from more than 50 years as a sucessful artist.

He has exhibited in a number of galleries including the Royal Academy in London.

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Whether you already admire Nick’s work, dabble in the arts yourself, or perhaps just have an interest in the arts, this DVD will inform and inspire!


Gain valuable insights into the creative process, and learn how an artist translates "an emotional response to a landscape" into a piece of art.


"The artist's job is to select from the entire landscape the elements that will put across most clearly the essence of the scene before him."


Enjoy a unique opportunity to spend time with Nick Schlee in his studio and out in the countryside sketching. He shares a wealth of experience gained from over 50 years as an artist.


Learn about:
How an artist sees - what to leave in or leave out of a composition
The importance of colour and light
Structuring a composition - the use of line and form to engage the viewer

Abstract composition - using the landcape’s natural rhythms

Understand the core underlying principals of art

DVD Contents:

In the Studio

Rome Sketchbook

In the Field


Sketches to Oils




Introduction - 5 min

Nick takes us through his sketchbook done on a holiday in Rome - 11 min

Accompany Nick into the English countryside with his sketchbook and pastels, as he draws a landscape from start to finish - 40 min

Nick shows how he developed 7 small sketches into full sized paintings - 37 min

(Edited into 7 segments. Ideal for art classes)
Slideshow of paintings set to jazz (available on movie player above) - 3mins


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$34.95 AUS

PAL DVD 96 mins
Plays in all regions.

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